Type of Pipeline Inspection Charter Coating

Type of Pipeline Inspection

There are few things as important as a coating inspection for your pipeline to ensure its integrity and safety in the field by reducing corrosion. In addition to oil and gas inspection services, Charter Coating offers pipeline inspection services that keeps your company up and running at all times.

A Pipeline Coating Inspection Reduces Failure

According to many recent studies from pipeline inspection services companies, most pipeline failures can be attributed to the wrong type of coating or the wrong type of application. A pipeline coating inspection can save your company a lot of money due to lost time in the field by recommending the right coating for your specific application. Why hire a pipeline inspection company? Because you will keep your workers safe and productive. The cost of a pipeline inspection pays for itself by preventing problems and failures.

Pipeline Inspection Services

A pipeline inspection will take into consideration the specific conditions necessary when you apply internal and external coatings in the field. It will also take into account the types of soil and operating conditions that your workers encounter on a daily basis.

Oil and gas inspection services can include an autoclave test, pressurised atlas cell test, flexibility test, Alyeska shear test and peel test in a laboratory. At the end of testing, you will be presented with the results and recommendations for the right ways to apply the proper coatings.

A pipeline inspection company is an important partner for keeping your equipment and your workers safe and productive. Schedule a coating inspection today to avoid catastrophe tomorrow.