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As corrosion has existed as a perennial issue, industries across the world have taken the initiative to mitigate the economic, operational, and safety risks associated.

Charter Coating Service (2000) Ltd. operates under the mission of providing the personnel and facilities capable of conducting industry leading laboratory testing, inspections, field work, and failure analysis. In the battle against corrosion, there is an intrinsic need to evaluate the activity of corrosion, scale inhibitors, and biocides. Through the provision of consultation services including the preparation of practical, thorough, to-the point specifications, our clients can feel assured that the integrity of their projects are upheld. As such, project planning and coating selection should serve as the foundation of any operational plan.

Our laboratory strives to follow and exceed industry standard test methods and protocols such as, NACE, ASTM, ISO, API, AWWA, CSA, NORSOK, ARAMCO, TC Energy and Chevron among many others to evaluate coating performance. Examples of tests performed include autoclave, atlas cell, cathodic disbonding, impact, flexibility, penetration, shear, tensile and adhesion, as well as weathering and ageing resistance tests using the salt fog, QUV and xenon for offshore and architectural paints.

Charter’s expertise in conducting sour gas studies combined with elevated temperature and pressure is recognized throughout the industry. Our coating inspection staff is NACE trained and ensures that product and end user specifications are followed in field and plant applications. Whether using one or all of our services, Charter’s understanding of the technical and field side of the coating industry will prove beneficial regardless of the project size or scope.

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Our main client base is from the Oil & Gas sector and we are engaged in projects that include:

Pipelines & Terminals
Production & Distribution
Marine / Offshore

We have experience in providing an independent source of technical and practical expertise in other sectors including:

Architectural Engineering
Marine & Offshore
Water Treatment

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Our commitment to high quality and technical competence has resulted in sustainable relationships with many international clients including resource exploration companies, coating developers, service companies and coating applicators.

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