Test Methods

Shear Adhesion

The Lap Shear Test is an adhesion measurement

used for determining the shear strengths of adhesives for bonding metals when tested on a standard single-lap-joint specimen and under specified conditions of preparation and test.

The samples are placed in the tensile machine so that the long axis of the test specimen coincides with the direction of applied pull through the center line of the grip assembly. The required load is applied until failure and the maximum force and nature of failure is recorded.

Alyeska Shear Test setup
Alyeska Shear Test setup

Sample Requirements:

Steel plates, 100 mm x 50 mm (4” x 2”) – overlap of the two plates is 20 mm (1”) (ISO 21809-3 Annex J)

Test Capabilities:

Ambient test temperature

Test Methods:

ASTM D1002
ISO 21809-3 Annex J

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