Test Methods


Hardness measurements quantify the resistance of a material to plastic deformation. In microindentation hardness testing, a diamond indenter of specific geometry is impressed into the surface of the test specimen using a known applied force and the formed indent geometry is assessed.

Charter Coating’s Buehler MicroMet 6030 micro-indentation hardness tester has a capability of performing hardness measurements using Knoop and Vickers indenters. This apparatus can mechanically bring the indenter into contact with the test surface with negligible impact, apply the selected full load, maintain it for the selected dwelling time, and withdraw the indenter. Immediately after the completion of the load cycle, the movable stage is adjusted so that the indentation is in the field of the microscope. The length of the long diagonal of the indentation impression with the micrometer eyepiece is measured and the corresponding hardness value is calculated
Charter Coating’s Buehler MicroMet® 6030 Micro-indentation Hardness Tester
Charter Coating’s Buehler MicroMet® 6030 Micro-indentation Hardness Tester

Sample Requirements:

Coated panel

Test Capabilities:

Knoop and Vickers indenters
Indentation load range: 0.01-1 kg
Ambient test temperature

Test Methods:

ASTM D1474

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