Test Methods


Xenon simulated weathering is used to comparatively evaluate the performance of different materials under controlled conditions.

A Xenon arc light exposure chamber irradiates the samples with light from a xenon arc lamp, simulating solar irradiation from the infrared to the ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, and also controls the temperature, relative humidity, and water spray to simulate different types of weather.

Sample Requirements:

Typically, 3” x 6” coated panels

Test Capabilities:

Chamber Temp: 30 °C – 70 °C (86 °F – 158 °F)
Black Panel Temp: 30 °C – 70 °C (86 °F – 158 °F)
Deionized water spray

Test Methods:

Charter Coating’s Xenon Accelerated Weathering Tester
Charter Coating’s Xenon Accelerated Weathering Tester

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