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July 8, 2022

Taber Abrasion


Taber Abrasion testing determines the resistance of organic coatings to abrasion produced by the Taber Abraser on coatings applied to metal panels. Taber Abrasion Testing During a Taber Abrasion Test, the coating is applied at a uniform ...

Salt Fog equipment
July 8, 2022

Salt Spray Testing


The Salt Spray Test, also known as a Salt Fog Test is an accelerated corrosion test and a standard in the industry examining the resistance of a coating to a high humidity and high salt content environment. Salt Spray Testing This test i...

Type of Pipeline Inspection Charter Coating
July 29, 2020

Type of Pipeline Inspection


There are few things as important as a coating inspection for your pipeline to ensure its integrity and safety in the field by reducing corrosion. In addition to oil and gas inspection services, Charter Coating offers pipeline inspect...

Autoclave Laboratory Charter Coating
July 29, 2020

Charter’s Autoclave Laboratory


Do you need the services of an autoclave laboratory to ensure the integrity and safety of your equipment or products? Specializing in the ability to test and inspect coatings for their ability to prevent corrosion and performance failure...

Coating Failure Analysis Charter Coating
July 29, 2020

Do You Need a Coating Failure Analysis?


What went wrong? That’s the question business owners ask themselves after experiencing an equipment or product failure in the field. At that point, time and money are already lost. Rather than take a “wait and see”, reactive approach to ...

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