Consulting services include the preparation of practical, thorough, to-the-point coating specifications.

Charter Coating performs tests to help you gauge the performance of your products in the field as well as identify failure mechanisms.
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Each work situation and coating project has unique characteristics.

Charter Coating’s vast knowledge of the technical and field aspects of the coating industry always proves beneficial regardless of the project size or scope. Our NACE certified team offer Laboratory analysis and field inspection services that help to avoid premature failure of your products

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About us

We provide an independent source of technical and practical expertise for coatings, paints, and mastics.

Charter Coating’s mission is to provide the personnel and facilities able to conduct laboratory tests, inspections, and consulting for a broad range of coatings and paints with an emphasis on materials that mitigate corrosion.
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Industry Sectors

Our main client base is from the Oil & Gas sector and we are engaged in projects that include:

Production & Distribution
Pipelines & Terminals
Marine / Offshore

We have experience in providing an independent source of technical and practical expertise in other sectors including:

Architectural Engineering
Marine & Offshore
Water Treatment
  • Featured method

    Standard & Pressurized Atlas Cell Test

    The Atlas Cell test is an accelerated laboratory method used to evaluate the corrosion controlling properties of an organic coating exposed to a chemically aggressive environment. Our test vessels have external cooling jackets so that the thermal gradient can be controlled.
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    Test Capabilities:

    up to 200°C/ 392°F

    up to 2,000 psi

  • Featured method


    The Autoclave test is designed to simulate field conditions in a controlled, laboratory setting. Coatings are exposed to liquids and gases where the liquids consist of polar and non-polar mediums and the gases are a mixture of corrosive, flammable, and/or inert mediums.
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    Test Capabilities:

    up to 300°C/ 572°F

    up to 9,000 psi

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Our commitment to high quality and technical competence has resulted in sustainable relationships with many international clients including resource exploration companies, coating developers, service companies and coating applicators.

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