Coating Failure Analysis Charter Coating

Do You Need a Coating Failure Analysis?

What went wrong? That’s the question business owners ask themselves after experiencing an equipment or product failure in the field. At that point, time and money are already lost. Rather than take a “wait and see”, reactive approach to problem solving, why not be proactive and schedule a coating failure analysis?

Why Failures Occur

No matter how careful you are about selecting and applying coating to your products or equipment, failures are bound to occur. Call it Murphy’s Law: if it can go wrong, it will. That’s why it is important to get a coating failure analysis after the fact, so the same problems don’t happen again.

Failures are often the result of things you can control, such as the manner in which coatings are applied, how the surface was prepared, the specifics of the working environment, unique stressors, the type of coating used and defects in material. But until you can identify the exact problem, it’s impossible to fix.

What You Can Expect From a Coating Failure Analysis

First, choose a reputable coating inspection company to perform the analysis. Their team of analysts should be experienced and have an in-depth understanding of the various types of coatings available. They should also know how each performs in a variety of situations and environments.

A coating failure analysis should take into account both the performance at the molecular level as well as performance from the perspective of your field workers tasked with getting the job done each and every day.

Scheduling a coating failure analysis on your products or equipment could save you a lot of lost time and money in the future.