About Charter Coating Laboratory and Inspection

About Charter Coating Laboratory and Inspection

For companies that are plagued by corrosion problems and wish to keep products safe and problem-free, Charter Coating Service offers a coating laboratory and/or coating inspection service. We provide the knowledge and expertise necessary to fight the battle against corrosion that affects so many parts of your business. In addition to advising you on the proper coatings, mastics and paints to protect your equipment, we also offer coating inspections that aid your company in the prevention and control of corrosive elements.

About Coating Lab and Coatings Testing Services

Charter Coating Service has a mission: to fully understand how protective coatings and inhibitor chemicals can prevent loss and damage to your inventory or equipment. Our coating lab performs several tests to help you gauge the performance of your products in the field as well as identify failure mechanisms and incompatibility problems. In order to accomplish this, our coating laboratory personnel uses sour gas tests, coating evaluations, compatibility and microbiological activity tests. After coatings testing, we provide interpretive reports as well as photographic documentation of our findings.

About Coating Inspection

Charter Coating Service also offers inspection services that help you avoid premature failure of the coatings initially applied to your products. Our NACE-certified team can inspect application of field and plant coatings, internal and external coatings, supervise your projects and provide warranty inspections. Afterward, our coating inspection team will review the coating manufacturer’s proposals, pre-qualify contractors and prepare a list of specifications.

When you need to ensure the coatings used on your products won’t corrode, fail or cause compatibility problems, Charter Coating Service is the only company you need to contact.