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The scientists and technicians of Charter Coating Service (2000) Ltd. are extensively trained and are experts in coating failure prevention and analysis. We are ISO 17025 certified and dedicated to the understanding of protective coatings. Our Coating Laboratory follows CSA, ASTM, NACE, AWWA, DIN, ARAMCO, CGSB, API, and ISO standard methods to evaluate coating performance.

Laboratory test methods predict performance and avoid costly field failures. Charter Coating is dedicated to the understanding of protective coatings and inhibitor chemicals. Performance of your materials is predicted based on accelerated laboratory tests in simulated environments which are used to:
•    Show relative performance between products
•    Relate to field performance
•    Give rapid reproducible results
•    Examine main failure mechanisms
•    Identify compatibility problems or synergies

Tests performed in our laboratories include:
•    High pressure and temperature sour gas tests
•    Internal and external coating evaluation and material selection
•    Coating compatibility tests for oil, gas, potable water, structural steel and bio-containment laboratories
•    Inhibitor compatibility and activity tests
•    Interpretive reports
•    Photographic documentation

Charter Coating Laboratory