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Despite careful selection and control during coating application, failures can and do happen. Charter Coating Service (2000) Ltd. is dedicated to the understanding of protective coatings. Coating examinations are conducted both at the molecular level and from a steel toed shoes and hardhat perspective. Failures may occur as a result of many factors including:
•    Application defects
•    Surface preparation
•    Service environment (chemistry, temperature, pressure)
•    Physical stresses
•    Coating selection
•    Material defects

Failure analysis is conducted primarily in the laboratory to determine the most likely direct causes of the failure. Where the client wants to follow up on this, the laboratory conclusions are discussed with the client in order to investigate and determine the underlying factors and thus the root causes in the process that resulted in the failure. From this required actions are determined to prevent or minimize the likelihood of repeat failures. Charter Coating’s staff has extensive experience in coating testing, inspection, failure analysis, and expert representation.