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Charter Coating’s consulting service includes the preparation of practical, thorough, to-the point coating specifications, project planning and coating selection protocols.

There is always a need for quality economical coatings. New and improved protective materials are created rapidly, and our tests help predict the protection properties of coatings in relation to corrosion. Our experience in consulting can help with your production and maintenance plans with regard to economic considerations, minimizing downtime and maximizing the life of the assets in use.

For corrosion prevention and corrosion control, our consultants interpret laboratory and field data to help you with:
•    Specification preparation and upgrading
•    Selection of coatings, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, biocides
•    Coating maintenance programs
•    Quality control/assurance programs
•    Product and Application Development
•    Failure analysis and reports
•    Material selection protocols
•    Expert witnesses
•    Reviews of coating specifications

Each work situation and each coating project has it’s own unique characteristics.  Involvement of Charter’s consultants enables clients to apply sound technical and practical procedures to ensure that an applied coating will perform acceptably.