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Charter Coating's mission is to provide the personnel and facilities able to conduct laboratory tests, inspections, field work, and failure analysis for a broad range of coatings and paints with emphasis on materials that mitigate corrosion. 

In the battle against corrosion Charter Coating Service (2000) Ltd. works through evaluation of the activity of corrosion and scale inhibitors and biocides. Charter Coating provides consultation services that include the preparation of practical, thorough, to-the point specifications that are to be rigorously enforced. Project planning and coating selection are also an important component in ensuring coating performance. 

Our main client base is from the Oil & Gas sector and we were engaged in project including:
•    Production & Distribution
•    Pipelines & Terminals
•    Tanks
•    Marine / Offshore

We have experience in providing an independent source of technical and practical expertise in other sectors including:
•    Architectural Engineering
•    Marine & Offshore
•    Water treatment
•    Defense
•    Automotive

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