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The Flexibility test examines the resistance of the coating to bending of the substrate.  In the field, pipeline coatings may be subjected to bending forces as a result of bending of the pipe prior to installation, deformation during service or surfaces that are subject to movement, such as the floors of some storage tanks. The coating’s ability to bend with the substrate and remain a smooth continuous coating film is a vital property. In addition to the degree of bend, the temperature of test is also varied to better simulate field conditions as appropriate.

Test Capabilities:
•    Temperature: -40°C to ambient (CSA Z245.20) or modified higher or lower temperatures as per client’s request

Bending Mandrel:
•    Various radii of mandrels available
•    Cylindrical mandrels of various diameters (ASTM B489 and ISO 1519)

Sample Requirements:
•    25 × 200 ×6.4 mm or 25 × 200 × pipe wall thickness (CSA Z245.20)
•    25mm×192mm×9.5mm (Aramco specifications)
•    10 mm ×150 mm × 0.25-1.0 mm (ASTM B489)
•    1.0 mm thick rectangular panels (ISO 1519 Type 2)

Test Methods:
•    CSA Z245.20, Section 12.11
•    Aramco specifications
•    ASTM B489
•    ISO 1519 Type 2

flexibility setup
Charter Coating’s Flexibility Test setup