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The Autoclave test is designed to simulate field conditions in a controlled, laboratory setting.  Coatings are exposed to liquids and gases where the liquids consist of polar and non-polar mediums and the gases are a mixture of corrosive, flammable, and/or inert mediums.  The coatings are also exposed to temperature and pressure. For service environments where there is a possibility of rapid decompression this can also be simulated. These lab conditions are typically selected to simulate upper limits of potential service to help speed any degradation of the coating.  Coatings that demonstrate the least reaction are considered the most suitable for use in that particular environment.                          

Test Objectives:
•    Evaluate internal coatings and/or linings for tank and vessel applications for material selection
•    Determine and compare coating performance under simulated service conditions (sweet or sour
      conditions, with or without rapid decompression)
•    Qualify new coatings for a specific environment
•    Determine chemical resistance, resistance to steam out, resistance to gas variation (cyclic testing)

Test Capabilities:
Temperature: up to 300°C/ 572°F
Pressure: up to 9,000 psi
Test medium: Aqueous Phase: solution (brine, produced water, deionized water)
Hydrocarbon Phase: Produced oil, Kerosene/Toluene
Gas Phase: H2S, CO2, CH4, N2 or air
Decompression: Standard or Fast Decompression (Less than 1 min.)
Samples: Maximum 8-10 Samples of 6˝ × (1.5 – 2) ˝ × 0.125˝
             or  6-8 Samples of  6˝ × (1.5 – 2) ˝ × 0.25˝

Test Methods:
•    NACE TM 0185
•    API RP 5L7 Appendix 10
•    API RP 5L2 Appendix 5 and Appendix 6
•    Aramco 09-SAMSS-067  Section 5.5
•    Aramco 09-SAMSS-089 Appendix A 3.5
•    PDO SP 2095 Appendix B.1
•    Custom test conditions as per client’s request

Coating Performance Evaluation (example standards shown):
•    Adhesion: Parallel Scribe, X-cut (ASTM D 6677), Pull-off (ASTM D4541)
•    Film Thickness (ASTM D7091)
•    Blistering (ASTM D 714)
•    Cracking (ASTM D661)
•    Delamination
•    Colour change
•    Gloss (ASTM D523)
•    Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) (ISO 16773)
Schematic diagram of Charter Coating’s Autoclave System